CDs featuring music by SCA composers


Released 01/12/2017
Amico String Quartet plus Solo piano suite

The Amico String Quartet open with a Dance Suite in three movements written for dance performance. This is followed by Jonathan Trim's String Quartet 1. The second half is the piano Equinox suite again in three movements performed by Joshua Crunden.

Released 01/07/2015
The Influence Suite

A suite in four movements played by the Good Fellow Ensemble consisting violin,cello,d/bass,piano,clarinet together with Indian tampura and Chinese guzheng. Compositions were greatly influenced by sounds of oriental music.

Released 01/04/2015
The Coming of Light: Music for Strings and Voice by Clement Jewitt

Performers: Astaria String Quartet; Wendy Nieper, soprano.

Comments: "The music on your new CD is absolutely wonderful - heart soaring - expansive and delicate at the same time - exquisite ... heartfelt thanks and ongoing murmurs of appreciation. “ Deirdre Burton, Playwright, Songwriter & Wisewoman.
On song settings: "“... all the wonderful sounds and textures … You are writing at a very deep level of poetic experience, and that makes the songs extremely intense.” Delyth Wilkinson, Singer & Psychotherapist.

String Quartet No.1: And Not Another Man - Song Cycle (Marion Griffin)
String Quartet No.2: That Which Was - 4 movements
String Quartet No.4: Touching the Deep - 5 sections continuous
3 Songs from The Night Sea: Last Invocation (Whitman); Rumination (Richard Eberhart); The Coming of Light (Mark Strand)

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Released 01/09/2014
Spirit Songs

A recital for soprano and piano with Louise Wayman - soprano and Sarah Gard - piano. The CD contains two song cycles by Trevor Jones written between 2007 and 2009, plus music from his opera 'Bernadette'. The programme aims to draw listeners to the beauty to be found within a song recital, keeping alive the type of music making once common in private homes and country houses. The intimacy and innocence of English song represents a genre that has always been nationally important. The programme features 'Easter Songs' and 'A Christmas Triptych', both of which have been performed at Severnside Composers Alliance concerts. Two arias from Trevor's opera 'Bernadette' presents music from Acts 1 and 3, telling the story of Bernadette Soubirous who saw 'a beautiful white lady' in a vision in a grotto just outside Lourdes in the foothills of the Pyranees during the 19th century.

Released 01/05/2014
Pure Music

Music for string quartet and voice by Trevor Jones. Featuring Voller String Quartet with mezzo soprano Zarah Hible, the programme begins with a short Paean for the quartet, followed by Border Songs, a cycle of four songs with Zarah and the quartet to poems by Edward Storey. Trevor's First String Quartet then occupies the central part of the CD. This has four movements. Following this is a dramatic setting of Storey's 'The Dark Music' with Zarah and the quartet. The programme concludes with an Elegy. The three long works have been performed in Gloucestershire. The style of the music has been described as English Pastoral. Listeners have described the Voller Quartet as offering a warm and sympathetic tone on this CD, and have hailed Zarah's diction as 'excellent'.

Released 01/06/2013
The Fear of Letting Go

Jenny Lee (violin) performing "The Fear of Letting Go" by Julian Leeks.
Available at iTunes, Amazon and other online stores. Also for streaming at Spotify, Shazam, eMusic etc.
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Released 01/07/2012
Lingering Hope

8-track album available on CD or as digital download from All music written by Andre Shlimon and performed by Andre Shlimon (piano, vocals) and Laura Moody (cello).

Released 01/12/2011
Birdsongs in Silence


Prima Facie PFCD001

This has been described as a disc of intensely moving miniatures, composed by Beth Wiseman (1951-2007) and her husband Geoffrey Poole across their 30 year marriage, and after. Beautiful performances by Okeanos and John Turner / Lesley-Jane Rogers.

Released 01/12/2011
Landscapes in Sound
Various performers

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Poppy Records HXP013

Landscapes in Sound
David Simmonds Ashleworth - an Idyll for Piano
Jolyon Laycock selection from "Twelve River Preludes"
Sulyen Caradon 2 Lowland Airs
Andre Shlimon selection from "Five Bagatelles"
Jolyon Laycock selection from "Twelve Landscape Studies"
Frank Harvey The Deserted Cinema

Recorded by Poppy Records, at Clevedon Court, Somerset, and the Bristol Music Club in November 2010.

Released 01/10/2011
Crossing Ohashi Bridge


NMC D174

Geoffrey Poole's 20-minute string orchetral Crossing Ohashi Bridge lends its name to the latest disc from NMC, recorded at St Georges Bristol on the Goldberg Ensemble's UK Tour in 2004. Poole's highly praised Crossing Ohashi Bridge comes with fascinating works by Roger Marsh, Nicola Lefanu, and Tony Gilbert.

Released 01/05/2010
Mystic thoughts

A selection of 13 pieces for string Quartet performed by the Monzi String quartet. Originally recorded in April 2010 and released in May 2010. The CD is avaliable to buy at

Released 01/01/2009
Intensely Pleasant Music
7 Airs & Fantasias and other piano music by John Pitts, performed by Steven Kings

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REVIEWS NEW AGE 4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars "Realmente un magnífico repertorio desbordante de calidad, belleza y de sumo interés."
MUSICWEB INTERNATIONAL “This is a colorful and interesting set by a talented composer.... The playing by Steven Kings is technically and emotionally perfect."
ALL MUSIC GUIDE 4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars
THE INDEPENDENT 4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars "deftly impressive".....
MUSICWEB INTERNATIONAL "brilliantly exciting"..."a colossal musical project that deserves admiration"..."Stunning and seriously impressive"......
NEW CLASSICS "beautifully played"
PIANO PROFESSIONAL "great character and emotional integrity...a thoroughly worthwhile project"
OPUSMUSICA "recomendable"
CLASSICALSOURCE "surely more than just 'intensely pleasant music'."
VENUE 4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars
INTERNATIONAL RECORD REVIEW " overall idiom of considerable charm... 'Intensely pleasant music'? Most certainly."
CROSS RHYTHMS 9/10 "this album is beautiful, moving and relaxing"
MUSICAL OPINION 5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars "a sensitive and intelligent creative personality" [77:49]

Intensely Pleasant Music: 7 Airs & Fantasias and other piano music
John PITTS (b.1976)
Changes for 20 nifty fingers
Toccata "Blue Frenzy"
Air 1 "Gentle Interweaving"
Fantasia 1 "Clockwork 5 4"
Air 2 "After Satie"
Fantasia 2 "On the Westminster Chimes"
Air 3 "On an anagram"
Fantasia 3 "Parallel Octaves"
Air 4 "Sarabande"
Fantasia 4 "Wind Chimes"
Air 5 "Calmly Contented"
Fantasia 5 "Bells in 9 8"
Air 6 "Modal Twist"
Fantasia 6 "Half-Second-Hand"
Air 7 "Cantabile Mist"
Fantasia 7 "All in a chord"

Recorded by Jonathan Scott, Victoria Rooms, University of Bristol on 7, 14 and 21 August 2008.

Released 01/12/2005
Severnside Composers’ Alliance
Inaugural Piano Recital
Peter Jacobs (piano)
Dunelm Records DRD0238 [78.22]

"a required purchase for dedicated Gurney enthusiasts" Calum MacDonald, International Record Review, October 2005
"Do buy this admirable CD, which boasts fine recorded sound and
attractively illustrated presentation by Jim Pattison"
Peter Graham Woolf
Dunelm Records DRD0238  [78.22]

Severnside Composers’ Alliance - Inaugural Piano Recital
Geoffrey SELF (b. 1930) Sonatina 1 [6:41]
Ivor GURNEY (1890-1937) Preludes (first set) F #; A minor; D b; D # minor; D. (1921) [8:31]
Jolyon LAYCOCK (b. 1946) L’Abri Pataud [3:40]
Richard BARNARD (b. 1977) On Erin Shore [3:47]
Steven KINGS (b. 1962) Fingers pointing to the Moon [10:33]
Ivor GURNEY (1890-1937) Preludes 2nd set –Fragment; F minor; D; C; F # [4:19]
Susan COPPARD (b. 1937) Round and Around (1995} [2:29]
John PITTS (b. 1976) Aire 1; Fantasy 1; Fantasy 5. [9:41]
James PATTEN (b. 1936) Nocturne 3; Nocturne 4. [8:57]
Sulyen CARADON (b. 1942) Dorian Dirge [2:12]
Ivor GURNEY (1890-1937) Preludes 3rd set C minor; F sharp (unfinished). (1924) [4:16]
Raymond WARREN (b. 1928) Monody; Chaconne. [12:04]

Recorded by Dunelm Records on 23rd February 2005 Michael Tippett Centre, Bath.


Released 01/12/2005
A Recital by Two Pianists
Steven Kings and Christopher Northam


"Congratulations to the Alliance for putting on such a stimulating programme of this relatively little-known music... Strongly recommended to enterprising listeners"
Philip L. Scowcroft
"My repeated use of the adjective 'brilliant' here is quite deliberate! Very well recommended."
Ian Milnes

Dunelm Records DRD0243 [73:14]

A Recital by Two Pianists - Steven Kings and Christopher Northam
Bohuslav MARTINU (1890-1959) Three Czech Dances (1949) [16:31];
David BEDFORD (b.1932) Hoquetus David (1987) [5:02];
John PITTS (b.1976) Changes (1995) [3:34];
Robin HOLLOWAY (b.1943) Gilded Goldbergs Suite (1997) [23:26];
Jolyon LAYCOCK (b.1946) Die! A1 Sparrow (2002) [11:51];
Francis POULENC (1899-1963) Élégie (1959) [6:15];
Witold LUTOSLAWSKI (1913-1994) Paganini Variations (1941) [5:50].

Recorded by Dunelm Records at a recital given in the Bristol Music Club,
76 St. Paul’s Road, Clifton, Bristol BS8 1LP, 14 May 2005.


Released 01/12/1999

Music by Jean Hasse. JH piano and flute, JAME Percussion Ensemble. Pieces include: kinkh, Silk Water, Four Bits for Piano, Tremolo Piece, 36 Pocket Pieces; Pulling for flutes; After Earle for percussion. Available from Visible Music

PPPPP (1067)

piece for player piano and piano player available on loan from AMC

CD Vol. 4(2131), CD Vol. 12 (2251) - Australian Music Centre - Represented Composers

excerpts from 'Zaum: Beyond Mind' available on loan

With Circle and Axis (2291)

string quartet, recording of 1st performance 2007, Apartment House, at Kettle's Yard, Cambridge. available on loan from AMC audio sample online, AMC.

Caroline Wilkins CD 1 (1912)

Automatophone The Bird Organ is made of Wood Camera Aeolia Carte du Tendre For these my Friends and yours - audio sample online Loquela Pas Vent available on loan from AMC

Caroline Wilkins CD 2 (2293)

ffffff * Instrumentum Magnum * Music for Mechanical Instruments Oh What! * Physarmonica II * Piece for Accordion & Phonograph * audio sample online available on loan from AMC

Caroline Wilkins, AMC Vol.13 (2256)

Interweave * ffffff Fusa II * Phonurgia * Piece for Accordion & Phonograph * PPPPPP * * online audio sample available on loan from AMC

Mecanica Natura (CDL 207)

radiophonic work available on loan from AMC

Caroline Wilkins CD 3 (2292)

Auroram Lucifer For these my friends and yours Intersections Physis Soundings in Fathoms available on loan from AMC

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