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Steven Kings was born in Worcester in 1962. He studied composition with Robin Holloway and Hugh Wood at Cambridge University, and with George Nicholson and Alfred Nieman at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. His compositions include Snapshots for flute, saxophone, 'cello, double bass and percussion, which won the Young Composers' Competition at the 1985 Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, and was performed there by Lontano conducted by Odaline de la Martinez. Several of his works have been shortlisted by the SPNM, including Phantasy V for Clarinet (1984), Deviation-Norm for Horn (1986), Window Waiting for Tenor, Choir and String Quartet (1991), and Passion Games for viola (1999). In 2002, "red land spring" was a prize winner in the Tong Piano Duet Competition, and was performed in Tokyo and London. His "haiku mass", written for and performed by Bristol Choral Society, was shortlisted for a British Composer Award in 2003. Steven’s setting of the canticles in Greek, "Songs of Mary and Simeon", was commissioned by the Worcester Cathedral Chamber Choir and was performed by them during the 2005 Three Choirs Festival. Steven has received a number of other commissions in recent years, producing works for piano, clavichord, four horns, chamber ensemble, and in October 2012 a new fanfare for brass and organ. His String Quartet (2011) was premiered at Arnolfini by the Bristol Ensemble Quartet. His choral work, “Care-Charming Spells” was commissioned by Thornbury Choral Society and performed by them in 2013. That year also saw the premiere of "September Zen", an eclectic cabaret-style setting (for soprano and chamber choir) of aphoristic philosophical and meditative texts. His song-cycle "April Zen", and "Prelude, Cumulation, Trio" for violin and piano, received first performances in 2016.

The SCA online database currently lists 45 scores by Steven Kings.
Title Year Instrumentation Mins      Other Information                                         Audio View score Publ.
After the dissonance... 2005 String Quartet 11-15 Recomposition of Mozart's String Quartet in C, K.465  listen N/A  
April 1 - 6 2015 Tenor and Piano 7-8 Part One of "April Zen"  listen N/A  
April Zen 2016 Tenor and Piano 30+ Song Cycle in five parts, setting texts from Zen Calendar 2006  N/A N/A  
bird singing 2003 Soprano + Piano 7-8 Setting five poems by E. E. Cummings  N/A N/A  
Borrowed Latin 2005 Two pianos 4   N/A N/A  
Care-Charming Spells 2012 SATB, percussion, harp, organ 9-10 Three settings of texts by Herrick, Sassoon, Tessimond. Commissioned and premiered by Thornbury Choral Society.  N/A N/A  
Dawn White 1985 Soprano, Oboe, Viola, Cello, Percussion 4 Setting own text  N/A N/A  
Deviation - Norm 1995 Horn 5-6   N/A N/A  
Dona Nobis Pacem 2012 SATB Choir 7-8 Setting the title text in rhythmically free notation. Optional organ accompaniment.  N/A N/A  
faithful wounds 2004 Piano 4   N/A N/A  
Fingers Pointing To The Moon 1992 Piano 9-10 Released on CD Dunelm DRD0238, SCA  N/A N/A  
Four Meditations 2003 SATB, Violin, Organ 16-20 Settings from the Bible, David Adam, and Kahlil Gibran  N/A N/A  
Four Songs 1989 Tenor + Piano 7-8 1. Alba (Ezra Pound) 2. Song (Song of Songs) 3. without the mercy of your eyes (E. E. Cummings) 4. Faith (Anon.)  N/A N/A  
haiku mass 2002 SATB + 10 brass 9-10 Setting abbreviated texts from the Latin Mass alongside haiku by modern American poets.  N/A N/A  
Kalomnesis 1999 12 cellos 7-8   N/A N/A  
Les Vitraux de Saint-Séverin 2006 Chamber ensemble 11-15 Fl, Ob, Cl, Bn, Tp, Hn, BTbn, Perc, Pno, 2Vn, Va, Vc, Db  N/A N/A  
More for Kirsty 2006 Piano 5-6 Five easier pieces  N/A N/A  
passion games 1999 Viola 7-8   N/A N/A  
Phantasy III 1994 Trumpet 7-8   N/A N/A  
Phantasy IV 1984 Oboe 5-6   N/A N/A  
Phantasy V 1984 Clarinet 7-8   N/A N/A  
Pieces for Kirsty 2002 Piano 3 Four easier pieces, suitable for learners.  N/A N/A  
Prelude, Cumulation, Trio 2015 Violin, Piano 9-10 Three sections, played without a break  listen N/A  
red land spring 2002 Piano Duet 7-8 Prizewinner in Tong Piano Duet Competition 2002.  listen N/A  
red land spring (two piano version) 2005 Two pianos 7-8   N/A N/A  
September Zen 2013 Soprano solo, SATB choir, Piano 21-30 Fifteen settings of aphoristic and reflective texts. Small solos for mezzo, tenor and bass. Tom-toms needed for one song. (Ideally played by bass solo.)  N/A N/A  
Sextet 2008 Clarinet, Bassoon, Horn, Violin, Viola, Cello 7-8   N/A N/A  
Snap 1988 Flute, Alto Sax, Cello, Double Bass, Marimba 4   N/A N/A  
Snapshots 1988 Flute, Alto Sax, Cello, Double Bass, Percussion 9-10   N/A N/A  
So Springs the Fair Earth 2002 Tenor + Piano 16-20 Setting poems by Jeremy Hullah  N/A N/A  
Sonata (cello and piano) 1993 Cello + Piano 11-15   N/A N/A  
Sonata (piano) 1982 Piano 9-10   N/A N/A  
Songs of Mary and Simeon 2004 Choir + organ 9-10 Setting of Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis in Greek  N/A N/A  
String Quartet 2011 String Quartet 21-30 Four movements  N/A N/A  
Supersnap 2006 Chamber ensemble 4 Fl, Cl, Mar, Vn, Va, Vc, Db  N/A N/A  
Ten Bulls 2005 2 Clarinets, Horn, Cello, Piano 11-15 Composed for Hotwells Music Workshop. Suitable for good amateurs. Horn can be played by 3rd clarinet. Cello can be played by bassoon.  N/A N/A  
Three Advent Carols 1994 Choir + organ 5-6 1. Ave, Plena Gracia 2. There Is None Holy 3. A Boy Is Born  N/A N/A  
Three Easier Pieces 1994 Piano 5-6   N/A N/A  
Three Piano Pieces 2002 Piano 9-10   N/A N/A  
Trio 2004 Flute, Trumpet, Viola 11-15   N/A N/A  
waiting for the impure fool 2002 4 Horns 4   N/A N/A  
Window Waiting 1991 Tenor, SATB, String Quartet (or String Orchestra) 11-15 1. Correspondence 2. Inside 3. The Word Setting poems by R. S. Thomas   N/A N/A  
Zen Carols 2010 TB, harp, organ 21-30 Twelve settings of short texts for men's voices and harp, taken from Zen May. One piece also requires organ.  N/A N/A  
Zen May 2010 SATB, organ, harp 30+ 31 short pieces lasting 50 minutes in total. Setting short aphoristic and reflective texts.  N/A N/A  
Zen Vigil 2010 SATB, organ, harp 30+ 22 settings of short texts for SATB and organ, taken from Zen May. One piece also requires harp.  N/A N/A  

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