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Kiama, The Close,
Ruscombe, Stroud, Glos

Geoffrey Poole performed several of his solo piano works to the London public before the age of 21, when Wymondham Chants launched his professional career. Subsequent choral works range from the informal (Imerina) to the vast cantata Blackbird (BBCPhil 1994) and an intricate concerto of vocalities, The Colour of My Song (BBC Singers, 2006). His major instrumental composition include several intercultural concertos, such as that for Ghanean drummer (Two Way Talking, MusICA Poole portrait concert 1993), for Javanese gamelan (Swans Reflecting Elephants, BBCSO / South Bank Gamelan 2004), and a sardonic piano-concerto take on the Western millennium (Lucifer, on NMC, 2005). Residencies in Nairobi, Seoul, and USA as Visiting Fellow at Princeton, have provided stimulus while he sustained a distinguished 34-year University career at Manchester until 2001 then to Bristol, becoming Professor in 2004. Retiring in 2009 has allowed him to reappear as piano soloist and conductor, live and on a forthcoming CD. He is currently writing for New York Polyphony, New Bristol Sinfonia, and extending the pianistic cornucopia Chinese Whispers. He is published by Edition Peters, has over 4 hours of his work on commercial CD and he was accorded an extended appreciation in Tempo (249) by Dr. Deniz Ertan. He lives with his wife Celia in the Cotswolds.

The SCA online database currently lists 77 scores by Geoffrey Poole.
Title Year Instrumentation Mins      Other Information                                         Audio View score Publ.
Africa Notebook 2011 Recorder solo 5-6   N/A N/A Forsyth (Vol V) 
After Long Silence 2007 Soprano, recorder, cello 7-8   listen N/A Peters 
Algol Of Perseus 1973 Piano Trio 30+ Clements Rrize 1974  N/A N/A self 
Aubade 1978 Soprano, recorder, cello, harpsichord 5-6   N/A N/A self 
Biggs V Stompp Does It Again 1982 Male and Female Voice, Actor, fl,cl,vn,vc,pno 30+ Chamber Opera to own text  N/A N/A self 
Bone Of Adam 1985 Mezzo soprano and piano 16-20 Semi staged, texts by L Durrell  N/A N/A self 
Book of the Living Wood 2008 Piano 11-15 5 pieces  N/A N/A Peters 
Brecht Songs 1983 Baritone and Piano 11-15   N/A N/A Peters 
Calligrammes d'Apollinaire 1980 Soprano, clarinet and piano or harp 9-10   listen N/A Peters 
Canto 1 (The Days) 1996 Soprano, recorder and piano 5-6 Also duo version for sop+percussion and recorder.  N/A N/A self 
Canto 2 (Dante's Eagle) 2001 Soprano, recorder, cello, piano 4   listen N/A Peters 
Canzonas I and II 1974 2 oboes, 2 horns, 2 bassoons 9-10   N/A N/A self 
Capriccio 1984 Violin 7-8   N/A N/A self 
Carved in Stone 2011 Sextet (fls,cls, vn, vc, pno, perc) 16-20   N/A N/A Peters 
Chinese Whispers 2009 Piano 30+ 32 pieces in 8 Books  N/A N/A Peters 
Clarinet Sonata 1973 Clarinet and Piano 16-20   N/A N/A self 
Commodo Dragonfly 2005 Bass Clarinet solo 5-6   listen N/A self 
Crossing Ohashi Bridge 1995 String ensemble (3,3,2,2,1) or larger 16-20   listen N/A Peters 
Crow Tyrannosaurus 1975 Soprano, horn, viola, doublebass, percussion 5-6 Ted Hughes  N/A N/A self 
Diary of a Cherry 2008 Korean bass haegum and kayagum (18 string) 9-10 See Hanami Sanjo  N/A N/A self 
Firefinch 1999 Oboe and Piano 9-10   listen N/A Peters 
Firefinch 2 2001 Oboe and Harp 9-10   N/A N/A Peters 
Flourish 1994 Recorder and Piano 2   N/A N/A self 
Footfall 2011 Recorder (bass paezold) or bass flute 7-8   N/A N/A self 
Fragments for Strings 1974 String ensemble (4,4,3,2,1) or larger 7-8   N/A N/A Peters 
Hanami Sanjo 2008 Viola, Cello, Piano 9-10 Transcription of Diary of a Cherry for Korean trad players  N/A N/A Peters 
Harmonice Mundi 1978 Piano Quintet 30+   N/A N/A Peters 
Hexagram 1976 Recorder and Piano 11-15   N/A N/A Forsyth 
Heynonnynonny Smallprint 2008 Voice (any, solo) 4   listen N/A Peters 
Imerina 1986 Chorus SATB 7-8 J-J Ribierivelo  listen N/A Peters 
In Beauty May I Walk 1990 2 voices, string quintet 5-6 U cert.  N/A N/A self 
Kakemono 2004 Harp Duo 11-15   listen N/A Peters 
Karuguru 2003 Flute and Korean Kayagum 5-6   N/A N/A self 
Look Behind You! 2002 Piano Trio 5-6 For school level, Chamber Music 2000 series, on NMC Bright Future  N/A N/A Peters 
Looking At A Blackbird 1994 Tenor and Piano 11-15 Wallace Stevens  N/A N/A self 
Lovesong To My Bird 1981 Voice and Instrument or 2nd Voice 2   listen N/A self 
Lucifer 2001 Piano and orchestral brass, saxs, percussion 21-30   listen N/A Peters 
Machaut Layers 1977 Tenor and 10 instruments 16-20 Machaut Lai Pour ce qu'on puist grossly elaborated  N/A N/A self 
Madrigals I II and III 1975 Choir SSAATTBB 9-10   N/A N/A self 
Mountain Book 2013 Piano 16-20   listen N/A  
Nocturnes 1984 Piano 9-10 3 pieces  N/A N/A Peters 
On The High Wire 1996 Cello solo 11-15   N/A N/A Peters 
On Thin Ice 2009 Soprtano, clarinet and percussion 9-10 Text by composer in pijin Inuit language  N/A N/A self 
Polterzeits 1975 2 clarinet/sax, violin, prepared piano 16-20   N/A N/A self 
Qigong 1999 String ensemble (3,3,2,2,1) 11-15   listen N/A Peters 
Ricercare 1980 Cello solo 7-8 Ballet for Gulbenkian Dance  N/A N/A Peters 
Rune Labyrinth 1997 Oboe, Harp, Actress, Dancer 11-15 Music Theatre  N/A N/A self 
Sailing With Archangels 1990 Symphonic Wind Band 16-20   listen N/A Maecenas Winds 
Schubert's "Reliquie" 1997 String Orchestra 30+ Completion of Reliquie Sonata D.840, for strings  N/A N/A Peters 
Septembral 1993 violin, cello, bass clarinet, piano 16-20   listen N/A Peters 
Shumei, Shumei 2011 Orchestra 11-15   N/A N/A Peters 
Skally Skarekrow's Night Watch 1999 Recorder and Piano 9-10   N/A N/A Forsyth 
Skally Skarekrow's Whistling Book 1976 Recorder and Piano 9-10 U rated  N/A N/A Forsyth 
Slow-Music 1982 oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, piano 11-15   N/A N/A Peters 
Son of Paolo 1971 Violin, cello, flute, clarinet, piano 11-15   N/A N/A self 
Song Of The Gambia 2000 String Orchestra 9-10 Arranged from last movement of second string quartet  N/A N/A Peters 
Sonnet 1978 Soprano and Cello 5-6 Ronsard  N/A N/A self 
String Quartet No.1 (saranghi) 1983 String Quartet 16-20   N/A N/A Peters 
String Quartet No.2 (The Gambia) 1990 String Quartet 21-30   listen N/A Peters 
String Quartet No.3 1999 String Quartet 16-20   listen N/A Peters 
Swans Reflecting Elephants 1997 Gamelan and 20 instruments 11-15   N/A N/A Peters 
Ten 1981 Piano 11-15 10 complex pieces  N/A N/A Peters 
The Book Of Buried Streams 2007 Piano 7-8 4 pieces  N/A N/A Peters 
The Book Of Light 2002 Piano 11-15 5 pieces  N/A N/A Peters 
The Book Of Stillness 2003 Piano 11-15 5 pieces  N/A N/A Peters 
The Harvest Book 2002 Piano 9-10 3 pieces  N/A N/A Peters 
The Impersonal Touch 1995 Piano Duo (2 pianos) 9-10 On Cd Septembral  N/A N/A Peters 
The Lakeside Book 2008 Piano 11-15 4 pieces dedicated to Raymond Warren at 80  N/A N/A Peters 
The Revolutionist's Pocketbook 2008 Piano 5-6 3 pieces  N/A N/A Peters 
The Sheltering Bell 2009 String Quartet 9-10   listen N/A Peters 
The Sky Book 2008 Piano 7-8 3 pieces  N/A N/A Peters 
Tide's Turning 1989 Symphonic Wind Band 5-6   N/A N/A Maecenas Winds 
Twain (aka Going For Baroque) 2000 flute duo OR flute and clarinet 5-6   N/A N/A Peters 
Two-Way Talking 1991 Drummer and 13 instruments 21-30   listen N/A Peters 
Wiccan Charms 2003 Oboe and Harp 7-8   N/A N/A self 
Wymondham Choruses 1970 Chorus SSAATTBB 11-15 transcribed from Wymondham Chants for The Kings Singers, 6 male voices.  N/A N/A Peters 
Zygotic Variations 2011 Symphonic Wind Band 11-15   N/A N/A Maecenas Winds 

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