Julian Leeks

Julian grew up in Bentham, a village near Cheltenham and is now based in Bristol. His early musical experience was as a singer, guitarist and songwriter with a number of different bands, before turning to a more formal study of music in his twenties. He studied for a BMus degree at Cardiff University, with Anthony Powers and Michael Robinson and for an MA and PhD at Bristol University, under the supervision of John Pickard. He also teaches classical and electric guitar at Bristol Grammar School. Julian has written in various genres, including orchestral and choral music, songs, solo pieces and music for chamber ensemble. His compositional style is the result of a broad spectrum of musical interests which extends from renaissance polyphony up to the contemporary avante-garde. Elements of world music, minimalism and rock can also be heard in some of his music. As well as composing and teaching, Julian is also the founder and artistic director of NEW MUSIC IN THE SOUTH WEST, a concert series, educational programme and composition competition aimed at overhauling public perception of contemporary music and bringing it closer to the heart of the region's cultural life. It also aims to provide professional performance opportunities to the most talented young and early career composers. Julian lives in a village south of Bristol, with his wife Kathryn and their three young boys.

The SCA online database currently lists 2 scores by Julian Leeks.
Title Year Instrumentation Mins      Other Information                                         Audio View score Publ.
Kyrie 2011 Choir - minimum of SSAATTBB 4 Coming from my love of Renaissance polyphony, "Kyrie"uses elements borrowed from, perhaps the most famous of all 16th century compositions, Palestrina’s Missa Papae Marcelli. Beginning with clear echoes of the mass' opening, it subsequently develops into a nebulous, unarticulated harmonic cloud. The amorphous character of this music serves to emphasise the arrival of a direct quotation from Palestrina which, in the final bars, emerges distinct and triumphant. JL  N/A view score  
The Fear of Letting Go 2011 Violin 7-8 "The Fear of Letting Go" is concerned with the idea of taking one’s first, tentative steps towards independence and leaving behind the familiar and secure. Alternating between stillness and flowing lyricism, the piece explores the tension that exists between the inevitable imperative of freedom and the fear of letting go. JL  N/A view score  

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