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 Trevor is a composer of choral, orchestral and chamber music as well as operas. He records his compositions on his PCTO Records label. Trevor loves to compose for the voice, having written several choral works, three song cycles and three operas. He studied singing, percussion, organ and composition at Dartington with George Dineen, Helen Glatz, John Wellingham and Richard David Hames. Trevor writes texts on music in a spiritual context, writes his own libretti, poetry and conducts. He first composed music as a student when he wrote some experimental music for strings and other alternatively notated pieces. Composing pieces occasionally thereafter, he began composing seriously in 1988 when he wrote 'Sinfonietta' and 'Variations on Mr Isaac's Maggot' [strings]. It was 2002 when he wrote a Requiem [unaccompanied] and some part-songs, and has continued ever since. Trevor has sung in cathedral choirs, chamber choirs, choral societies and also as a tenor soloist. His compositional style is conventional harmonically, facilitating melody as an important ingredient, and maintaining contrast with the dramatic and tender. At the heart of his music is the spiritual, binding everything together.

The SCA online database currently lists 40 scores by Trevor Jones.
Title Year Instrumentation Mins      Other Information                                         Audio View score Publ.
A Change in the Climate 2008 Choir+accomp 16-20 Cantata in 6 movements for chorus, SATB soloists, strings and harp.  N/A N/A  
A Child's Song 1985 Voice and piano 2 A song to a text by an anonymous author.  N/A N/A  
A Christmas Triptych 2011 soprano and orchestra 9-10 Orchestration of songs with piano accompaniment  N/A N/A  
A Christmas Triptych 2007 Voice and piano 9-10 Three songs to poems by Edward Storey. Songs are; Christmas Eve - Birth Morning - Epiphany. There is also a version with orchestral accompaniment. Performed by Zarah Hible and Geoffrey Poole, December 2013, Bristol Music Club.   N/A N/A  
A Schubert song medley 1989 Chamber Orchestra 9-10 Songs in this orchestral medley include 'Who is Sylvia', 'Standchen', 'Hark, hark the lark', 'Margaret at the spinning wheel' and 'The Trout'.   N/A N/A  
A Severn Bore Overture 2013 Orchestra 7-8 A musical description of the Severn Bore, the pastoral nature of the surrounding countryside and a little dancing on the river bank. Performed by Thornbury Orchestra, December 2013, Yate, South Glos.  N/A N/A  
Agnus Dei 1999 Chorus SATB 3 From 'Requiem Mass'.  N/A N/A  
At Candlemass 1981 Voice and piano 4 A song to words by Charles Causley.   N/A N/A  
At Ganina Yama 2012 Violin, Piano 7-8 Seven short pieces based on Russian Orthodox Plainsong representing the deceased members of the Romanoff family who were initially buried in a pit called Ganina Yama outside Ekaterinburg, Siberia. Performed by Madeleine Mitchell and Geoffrey Poole April 2016, Stroud Christian Community. SCA event.   N/A N/A  
Bernadette 2011 8 solo voices and strings 30+ An opera in three acts telling the story of the visions experienced by Bernadette Soubirous in Lourdes, France.  N/A N/A  
Border Songs 2008 Solo mezzo and string quartet 11-15 Aubade - Hay-Makers - Pure Music - The Journey Back. Poems by Edward Storey. First performed in October 2008 by Zarah Hible with a local string quartet, and again in August 2014 with Voller String Quartet. Recorded onto 'Pure Music' CD.   N/A N/A  
Colonel Fazackerley 1985 Voice and piano 5-6 A mildly comic song with rhythmic variety in which there are variations of melody between verses.   N/A N/A  
Easter Songs 2007 Voice and piano 9-10 The Call - Grace for a Child - De Profundis - Song of Songs. Poems by George Herbert, Robert Herrick, Thomas Campion and Wilfred Owen. Performed by Sarah Leonard and Stephen Gutman at Bristol Colston Hall, May 2014, and again by Charlotte Newstead and Geoffrey Poole November 2015. Recorded by Louise Wayman and Sarah Gard on 'Spirit Songs' CD 2014.   N/A N/A  
Elegy/Paean for String Quartet 2008 String Quartet 3 Two short string quartet pieces for special occasions. Paean performed by local string quartet in October 2008. Paean and Elegy recorded on 'Pure Music' CD 2014 by Voller String Quartet.   N/A N/A  
Fanfare 1988 English brass band 3 A piece for a typical English brass band to be found in such counties as Yorkshire and Cornwall.   N/A N/A  
Fifty rounds 1981 Choir 30+ These fifty rounds cover many subjects, styles, vocal layers and languages [English, Latin, German]. Rounds can be sung by any group of people at any time.   N/A N/A  
Islamic Songs of Love and Peace 2015 Voice and piano 9-10 Simple, contemplative songs that set poems by 11th/12th century Islamic poets Ibn Arabi and Sa'adi, together with musical settings of some Islamic greetings and daily modes of speech. The songs have been taken into the repertoire of Stroud based interfaith group Raga Babas.   N/A N/A  
Magnificat 2012 Choir+accomp 5-6 For chorus, strings, harp and timpani  N/A N/A  
Maria Marten 2009 Mezzo, baritone and instrumental octet of wind and strings 30+ An opera in two acts about the murder of Maria Marten in Suffolk in the early 19th century. Performed by Zarah Hible and Andrew Mahon with ensemble [octet] in July 2010.   N/A N/A  
Nocturn 1988 String Orchestra 5-6 An atmospheric piece with gently shifting and grating chords, with trills, tremelandi and a little glissandi to depict a dark nocturnal scene.   N/A N/A  
Pasternak 2012 Voices and chamber orchestra 30+ An opera in three acts about Russian author Boris Pasternak who wrote 'Doctor Zhivago'.  N/A N/A  
Requiem Mass 2003 Chorus SATB 16-20 Unaccompanied for SSATB. Performed by Choro Baroque, Stoke Damerel Church, Plymouth 2003.   N/A N/A  
Resonemus Laudibus 1973 Choir + organ 7-8 There is a second version of this carol with an accompaniment for chamber orchestra of 3 trumpets, trombones and strings.   N/A N/A  
Reverie for Ten wind instruments 2007 Classical wind ensemble 4 A single movement piece for 2 flutes, oboes, clarinets, bassons and horns. Performed by Capriol Chamber Orchestra in March 2008, Minchinhampton Parish Church, Stroud, Glos.   N/A N/A  
Sinfonietta 1988 Orchestra 16-20 Three movements, with outer movements for full orchestra, and middle movement for double woodwind, 4 horns and strings. Individual movements performed by Stroud Symphony Orchestra and Thornbury Orchestra in 2006/2007, and the complete work by Cheltenham Philharmonic in June 2013.   N/A N/A  
Soliloqy 2012 Cello + Piano 4 An expressive, yearning piece with a couple of themes reappearing in different keys, and with a scalactic coda. .  N/A N/A  
Spring Suite 1987 String Orchestra 9-10 A suite containing a march, a tango, a round, and an elegiac slow movement. Played by Sheffield adult evening class string group 1988.   N/A N/A  
St Leger Jump 1988 English brass band 5-6 A brass composition depicting the spirit of the St Leger cup race at Doncaster race course.   N/A N/A  
St Bernard Waltz 1988 English brass band 7-8 An arrangement of this popular waltz. In the repertoire of a Sheffield brass band since 1989.   N/A N/A  
String Quartet No.1 2011 String Quartet 11-15 Four movements. Recorded for 'Pure Music' CD in May 2014 by Voller String Quartet, who performed it in August 2014 in St Martin's Church, North Nibley, Glos.   N/A N/A  
Symphonic Fanfare 1988 Brass Ensemble 5-6 2 trumpets, 4 horns, 3 trombones, tuba and percussion. Performed by Thornbury Orchestra, June 2015, St Mary's Church, Berkeley, Gloucestershire.   N/A N/A  
The Dark Music 2008 mezzo-soprano and string quartet 5-6 Poem by Edward Storey. Recorded by Voller String Quartet and Zarah Hible on 'Pure Music' CD in May 2014 and performed by them in August 2014, North Nibley, Glos.   N/A N/A  
The Dark Music 2008 mezzo-soprano and chamber orchestra 5-6 Orchestration of piece also with string quartet accompaniment.  N/A N/A  
The Joyful Mysteries 2008 Chorus SATB 11-15 The Annunciation - The Visitation - The Nativity - The Presentation of Jesus - The Finding of Jesus.  N/A N/A  
Three part-songs 1998 Chorus SATB 5-6 Elected Silence - I saw a jolly hunter - Peninsula of Light. Performed by Choro Baroque in Plymouth and Cornwall on several occasions between 2002 and 2005.  N/A N/A  
Two Christmas Carols 1974 Chorus SATB 7-8 Go-Day - Dormi Jesu. Performed at 'A Cavalcade of contemporary Christmas Carols' at St Mary's Church, Thornbury, South Gloucestershire, December 2007.   N/A N/A  
Two Fenland Poems 1998 Chorus SATB 5-6 If Only Distance - Something Else. Performed by Choro Baroque several times between 2002 and 2005 in Devon and Cornwall.  N/A N/A  
Two simple anthems 1990 Choir+accomp 5-6 Gracious Spirit, Holy Ghost - Father of all to Thee  N/A N/A  
Variations on Mr Isaac's Maggot 1988 String Orchestra 11-15 Theme, four variations and a finale. The theme was collected by John Playford for his English Dancing Master collection. Performed by Severnside Sinfonia, July 2009 in St Mary's Church, Thornbury, South Glos.   N/A N/A  
Whilst Shepherds Watched 2007 Choir+accomp 4 Arrangement for choir, audience and Organ. Performed at 'A Cavalcade of contemporary Christmas Carols', St Mary's Church, Thornbury December 2007.   N/A N/A  

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