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My composing muse was uncovered after a life review following simultaneous crises in my personal and professional lives in my 40s. I formerly designed computer based information systems, but always had some connection with music making, including choral singing, founding and directing early music groups, playing trumpet, recorders, classical guitar, tuba, more recently percussion, and now clarinet. Familiarity with the viola aids composition for strings, but I do not claim playing facility. My principal performing practice now is improvisation, and from time to time I have facilitated improvisation workshops for all comers. A strong interest in how sound and music is received by body, mind and spirit has lead to investigations in acoustics, physiology and transpersonal psychology. My PhD, from Birmingham Conservatoire, investigating the application of a post-Jungian model of the psyche to creative endeavour, included writing the extended song cycle The Night Sea. I regard music as essentially an act of friendship. An abiding interest in the musics of India and Indonesia has found some expression in my works. Evident and ongoing contrasts between my formal composing and improvisations may now be moving towards some accommodation. I have four grown and loved children, and several grandchildren. Since the mid 80s my principal spiritual practice has been among Quakers some connection with quite other systems remain. I am a long time appreciator of trees and the under-valued role they play in helping this planet to be livable in. An interview of me by Christian Bodhi of Ability of Love TV in March 2008 appears on Youtube.

The SCA online database currently lists 18 scores by Clement Jewitt.
Title Year Instrumentation Mins      Other Information                                         Audio View score Publ.
But We Must Still be Seeking? 2001 Wind Quintet 9-10 Won the Birmingham Chamber Music Prize that year. Cor anglais replaced the oboe. Premiered by Zephyr Winds. The title is from Wordsworth. Audio samples findable via my website.  listen N/A Artifex Music 
Chechnya Story 1997 2 narrators + mixed ensemble 30+ A genuine melodrama in the proper sense of that! Based on a column in the New Internationalist by award winning Toronto Star reporter Olivia Ward. Performed in the recital room of Canada House, London, conducted by Steven Lloyd-Gonzalez. Audio samples available via my wensite.  listen N/A AngelNoteWorks 
Concerto for Bass Trombone and Orchestra 1999 Bass Trombone + Orchestra 21-30 A commission, but the player died in an accident. I put the score away for years. So not yet performed. Violins banished, and double sizes of instruments utilised, to gain encompassing tessitura round the solo instrument  N/A N/A AngelNoteWorks 
Five Bagatelles 1995 Piano 7-8 Short studies to an extent focussed on differing techniques. Audio sample available via my website.  listen N/A AngelNoteWorks 
Invocations to Archangels, choral version 2003 Chorus SATB 7-8 Originally written by invitation from the SPNM for the Orlando Consort male vocal ensemble, who premiered it at the summer Dartington event. The choral version was for the Kingfisher Chorale, who have sung it several times. Excerpts can be heard via my own website.  listen N/A AngelNoteWorks 
Knit Up the Ravell'd Sleeve of Care 1996 11 bassoons + 1 contra-bassoon 11-15 Composition prizewinner - the instrumentation was specified. Nevertheless it's had a couple of outings! Audio sample via my website.  listen N/A AngelNoteWorks 
Little Piano Pieces for Larger People: 8 pieces in different moods 2011 Piano 11-15 Each piece is 1 to 2 minutes duration. Requires a fairly mature skill, hence the title.  N/A N/A AngelNoteWorks 
Mavrud II 1998 Trombone + percussion 9-10 Duo: 2nd in the sequence exploring Hindustani Rag Dipak. Some references to Rag form. Audio samples available via my website.  listen N/A Artifex Music 
Mavrud III 1998 flute (+picc. & alto) + percussion 11-15 Duo. No.3 in the sequence exploring the Hindustani Rag Dipak. This one adheres closest to Rag form, though interpreted in a Western modernist style.  N/A N/A Artifex Music 
Mavrud IV 2000 Recorders + percussion 16-20 Duo: 4th in a sequence exploring the Hindustani Rag Dipak, whose quality is fire. Virtually all reference to Rag form has disappeared in this one. Audio sample via my website.  listen N/A AngelNoteWorks 
Quintemplations 1995 5 flutes 9-10 Standard flutes only, egalitarianly sharing high and low registers.   N/A N/A Artifex Music 
String Quartet No.1, And Not Another Man, song cycle 1996 mezzo-soprano and string quartet 11-15 Words by Marion Griffin. Three movements/songs. Premiered in Oxford, 2000. Recorded 2015 by the Astaria String Quartet for my new CD.  N/A N/A AngelNoteWorks 
String Quartet No.2, That Which Was 2011 String Quartet 16-20 This quartet originated in sketches from the beginning of my composing life, before I was free of earlier conventions, learned as a performer, to find my own authentic voice. Thus the 4 movements reflect older traditions in a slightly tonque-in-cheek way: sonata form, scherzo, lento, and variations. Hence the title. Performed by the Astaria String Quartet on my new CD.  N/A N/A AngelNoteWorks 
String Quartet No.3, Seeking, Calming, Becoming, 2012 String Quartet 16-20 This turned out to be two long heavyweight movements with a short lightweight little Canto in between. Founded on a 9 note mode (similar to Messiaen's 3rd mode, but not used in the same way and not always adhered to), each of the three movements is in ABA form, with the reprise shorter. The 1st movement explores durations at several levels; the 3rd explores transposition, inversion, variation, decoration and pattern exchange. Not as hard nosed as that may seem!  N/A N/A AngelNoteWorks 
String Quartet no.4, Touching the Deep 2014 String Quartet 16-20 Recorded on my recent CD, played by the Astaria String Quartet. Takes it's ethos from the old meaning of 'melancholia', as expressed by Dowland, Durer, Goethe, Keats ... 5 Sections, continuous.  N/A N/A AngelNoteWorks 
Threnody 1995 Quartet: bass clarinet + cello + piano + percussion 11-15 An exploration of quarter tones, inspired by the work of Scelsi, so basically winding around one note with inflections. Audio sample available via my website.  listen N/A AngelNoteWorks 
Various songs separately published 1000 soprano + flute or piano or string quartet unknown Anyone interested in my songs would be best to consult my own website (url above) where they are separately listed, several with audio samples. See my new CD description for general comment on my song setting.  listen N/A AngelNoteWorks 
With Your Own Light 1994 Oboe + 3 percussion 11-15 6 short movements. The overall plan took the oboe gradually higher movement by movement, the relevant pitches then used chordally by the pitched percussion to finish. Premiered by George Caird. Audio samples available via my website.  listen N/A Artifex Music 

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