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Composer Frank Harvey
Title Flashbacks
Year 2004
Instrumentation Piano
Mins 9-10
Other information Flashbacks (1930-2000). This piece for pianoforte has a programme similar to that of Richard Strauss’ Death and Transfiguration; the musical style is very different! It is based upon personal observation. An old person who has nothing left but memories looks back to her youth in the 1930s. Sadly, these memories are muddled and confused. This situation is represented musically by atonality interspersed with fragments of a foxtrot. In this piece, a foxtrot is a symbol of lost youth, rather than Peter Maxwell Davies’ use of it as a symbol of decadence. The confusion is intensified to a point when suddenly, miraculously, memory is restored, and the foxtrot is clearly stated. Again, there is even greater confusion, leading this time to a transformation of the foxtrot into an outburst of romanticism reminiscent of the “pseudo-Rachmaninov” film music of the period- a symbol of youthful romance. This gradually melts into a final moment of confusion, which in turn melts into a final peace.
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