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Composer James D'Angelo
Title Raga Mala Suites
Year 1987
Instrumentation Piano
Mins unknown
Other information These pieces were the result of studying Hindustani music theory primarily from the book The Ragas of North Indian Music by Alain Danielou, as part of a sabbatical year project in Londo 1984-85. These improvisations were recorded in concert at a London venue called Colet House in March 1985. It was the first ever time of attempting to improvise in a so-called "raga style". I was not following any rules of raga playing. Rather it was using the combination of basic raga scales with the application of drones. Later on I played this recording to an Indian musician teaching at the Bhavan centre in London. Naturally he dismissed this as improper raga playing. Subsequently I took up study with him for about 6 months during which he taught me procedures for raga playing at the piano. Working with Indian music was a way of purifying myself musically and by 1988 I put it to one side and could now finally find my own voice.

Suite no.1
1. Melancholy - Gunakali
2. Vigour - Dipaka
3. Supplication - Chhayanata
4. Revelry - Durga

Suite no.2
1. Anxiety - Marava
2. Gentleness - Kafi
3. Joy - Yaman-Kalyan
4. Prayer - Gopi Kambhoji
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