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Sunday 18 June 2017
Concert   -  MUSIC ON THE EDGE

Spring season 2017
Severnside Composers Alliance and Hawkwood present

Hawkwood College, Painswick Old Road, Stroud GL6 7QW
An afternoon and evening of music in this beautiful and peaceful Costwold location overlooking the Severn Vale
featuring Madeleine Mitchell (violin)
and Geoffrey Poole (piano)
playing music by Severnside composers.

"Eclectic virtuoso of the violin Madeleine Mitchell, has inspired living composers to a staggering degree."
(BBC Radio 3)

2.00pm Practical Composers Workshops
Bring a musical instrument if you want to take part
Plus discussions focussing on the spiritual dimension in music and the role of the unconscious in musical creativity.
Contributors include Geoffrey Poole, David Greenhorne, Clement Jewitt, Jolyon Laycock and Trevor Jones.

6.00pm Concert: Madeleine Mitchell (violin)
Geoffrey Poole (piano)
Programme includes: Trevor Jones "At Ganina Yama"
David Greenhorne "Guan Yin"
Clement Jewitt "Canto"
Jolyon Laycock "The Persistence of Memory"
Geoffrey Poole I Ching pieces for solo piano
Ludwig van Beethoven Violin Sonata no.10 in G op 96 (1812)

Weather permitting you are invited to picnic in the gardens during the break between workshops and concert.
Beethoven’s sublime G major classic has a special place in the working relationship of Madeleine Mitchell and Geoffrey Poole. It is the work that first brought them together as a performing duo. Hawkwood’s beautiful Cotswold location with its fine 250 year-old sycamore is the setting for this concert of music by Severnside composers whose work draws inspiration from a variety of spiritual sources. Trevor Jones "At Ganina Yama" uses Russian Orthodox plainchants. David Greenhorne draws on the writings of the Buddhist teacher Guan Yin, venerated as the personification of compassion. Geoffrey Poole’s piano miniatures are inspired by texts from the ancient Chinese “Book of Changes”. Jolyon Laycock’s “Persistence of Memory” is named after Salvador Dali’s famous Surrealist painting. Clement Jewitt’s music tends towards the condition of silence.

November 2016
New book   -  How to Play Indian Sitar Raags on a Piano

New book by John Pitts - available from


"This is a great book. The author conveys a real sense of how to begin improvising with raags. He does that by explaining the subject matter with enormous clarity and insight. And he brings a fantastic understanding of process to what he explains. There are a lot of books about improvisation out there. But this one's the real deal. And it's about improvising in a style that by and large isn't accessible unless you have access to a master practitioner and teacher. What else is there to say? I'd give it 11 stars if Lulu gave us that option!"
Dr Mark Polishook []

"...there is much to praise in this book. Pitts meticulously and imaginatively sets out in staff notation numerous effective and convincing musical ideas in his range of Hindustani ragas. His recommendations ... are ingenious, and work remarkably well, as evidenced in his own sample performances available through the website for this book ( ...I strongly recommend the book to pianists with an eye and an ear to the East..."
Dr Jonathan Katz, International Piano Magazine Sept/Oct 2017

"I have lived with this book for several weeks now and find it endlessly fascinating."
Allan Cronin, NewMusicBuff

"If you have any interest in this esoteric arena, in improvising from a Classical or jazz background,... I can't imagine a better primer than this."
Jonathan Woolf, MusicWeb-International

"a very well produced and informative book"
Robert Matthew-Walker, Editor, 'Musical Opinion'

"unique and fascinating book"
John Pitt, New Classics

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