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Thursday 17 May 2018, 7.30pm
Concert   -  New Music Festival 2018 (17 to 19 May) - Concert 1

@ St Paul’s Church, St Paul’s Rd. Clifton Bristol BS8 1LP

Download full Festival programme here.
Evening concert tickets £10 (£8)
Available online on the homepage
Workshops free

Matthew Clark (baritone)
Jolyon Laycock (Tenor)
James D’Angelo & Philip Blandford (piano)
Matthew Heyse-Moore (clarinet)

James D’Angelo – 2 Merton Songs
for baritone and piano
“How long we wait” and “Evening”;

Clement Jewitt: “Three Hokku on Time”
for baritone and clarinet
“If You Came” for baritone and clarinet
(text by Ruth Pitter)

Peter Nickol – “Offer me coffee” for voice and piano
three poems by James Turner;
“The Valley”, “I know the mad inventor lives”,
“Wear your blue blouse”
“Tree Heart” for voice and piano
(words by Veronica Gosling)

Sulyen Caradon – Black Wind Songs
Daughter (text: Galina Rodich)
Cranberries (text: Lyudmilla Chubchik)
Wormwood (text: Revelations of St. John)
Cuckoos silent (text: Mikhail Vinnick)
Forest Woe (text: Tatyan Akutsyonok)

Richard Pond “Roman Wall Blues” (text W.H. Auden)

Jolyon Laycock “Mountains of the Mind”
12 poems of Gerard Manley Hopkins
for tenor, baritone and piano:
“Inversnaid”, “The Windhover”, “Tom’s Garland”,
“Andromeda”, “Harry Ploughman”, “Pied Beauty”,
“That Nature is a Heraclitean Fire”, “Moonrise”,
“I wake and feel the fell of dark…”, “Spring and Fall”,
“No worst there is none”, “Heaven Haven”.

SCA’s 2018 festival kicks off with a recital of contemporary art song featuring baritone Matthew Clark. James D’Angelo is accompanist in his own settings of the meditational poetry of Thomas Merton. Philip Blandford is the accompanist in Sulyen Caradon’s settings of translations of Russian poetry portraying an environment poisoned by the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. Clark and Blandford are joined by tenor Jolyon Laycock in songs that capture the ecstatic response of the poet Gerard Manley Hopkins to the wild natural scenery of places such as Inversnaid Falls. On a lighter note songs by Peter Nickol & Richard Pond are settings of James Turner, Veronica Gosling and W.H. Auden. Clarinettist Matthew Heyse-Moore is the accompanist in settings by Clement Jewitt of his own verses.


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