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Friday 26 January 2007, 7.30pm
Composer Talk   -  Jean Hasse & Chris Wiggins

These evenings are opportunities for SCA composers to talk about their music and play examples, in a friendly atmosphere with a glass of wine.  Some evenings could involve two composers, each talking about a single piece, or a single composer talking at greater depth or about more!  Non-SCA members are also welcome, space-permitting.  The eight evenings we have had so far have been fascinating (Raymond Warren, Adrian Beaumont, David Bedford, Steven Kings, Geoff Poole, Sulyen Caradon, Sue Coppard & David Simmonds, and Jean Hasse & Chris Wiggins), and we hope to make this a regular spot, every three months or so.  Please contact Sulyen Caradon (01225 313531) or John Pitts (0117 904 8902) to offer your voice!

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