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22nd, 24th and 25th September 2010, 7.30pm
Opera   -  A Foreign Field

The premiere of Eric Wetherell's 3-act opera. The Redgrave Theatre, Clifton, Bristol Based on the Ben Macintyre book, A Foreign Field, the opera tells the true story of a group of British soldiers who were trapped behind German lines on the Franco/Belgian border early in World War 1. Unable to rejoin their comrades, the soldiers were sheltered, fed and clothed by the villagers of Villeret, assuming the guise of peasant farmers. One of the soldiers, Robert Digby, fell in love with a peasant girl and fathered her child. Eventually, the Germans were tipped-off about the hiding soldiers and the German Commandant offered the men a fair trial if they would surrender. The men gave themselves up, but were executed and the whole village destroyed as a punishment to the villagers for harbouring fugitives. The opera has been cast, the orchestra arranged and rehearsals are due to begin during this summer. Part of the project includes a special educational partnership with South Gloucestershire Schools which will culminate in a schools performance on the afternoon of 23rd September. More information and ticket sales at:


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