Poker data is essentially a data file that contains all the hands, players, and betting information for a particular poker game. The master data file can be a simple comma delimited text file, or a simple array of numbers, or even a combination of both! The important parts of the data file are the names, values, and indexes.

The name of the file is obviously the most important part. Almost every poker program allows you to save a text file as a shortcut. (.txt, .txt+, .htm, .html, and .aspx all follow the same simple rules. When you run the .exe file, the poker data is directly imported into the poker program.

The poker tool is basically a set of programs that passively observe and collect data.

  1. The programs are usually self contained and pre-requisites only a very small additional program. You will need a more powerful computer to run the tools. These tools only gather information and do nothing else. You have the control of when and how you want to use the tools.
  2. Always remember that poker is a game of skill and no tool is going to improve your skill. You are always going to need to improve your own skill. When you find a poker program that is making you money, but does not improve your own skill, you are doomed to continue using the same tools and the same results will continue to lead to the same frustrating results.
  3. A poker tool is nothing more than a data mining tool. Almost every online poker survey program will claim to have a poker edge. When push comes to shove, the reality is that these tools collect data but cannot act on it.

If you continue to use these tools, you will inevitably lose more money than you will have won.

At some point, you will have so many bad hands that you can’t help yourself from playing them. With this type of addiction, you can not win at poker without experiencing the horrible loss of many small sessions of play.

Winning can only be experienced if you are willing to make the effort, learn the games completely, practice for thousands of hours, and be satisfied that you are a winning poker player. An important part of winning, is having a bankroll that you can afford to lose. You can not expect to win a fortune overnight.

Finally, a set of beginner’s poker tools can definitely make the process easier, but do not guarantee a win. Only you can decide if these tools are the right tool for you, but I can say that if you make the effort, you will definitely not be disappointed.